Asian MOOCs

Asian MOOCs are developed in multi-lingual, multi-format and multi-platform courses.  The Asian MOOCs serve as a portal hub of the MOOCS offered by member of AAOU. Asian MOOCs are designed as follows : Open enrollment, Massive registration, Learner center, Flexible, Multi lingual, Multi-media support, Multi Platforms, Open License, Quality Focus. 

Asian MOOCs aims to:

  • Act as an integrated hub for providing MOOCs information, support and other value added services to potential learners;
  • Link up MOOCs of AAOU member institutions together to promote and facilitate their offer of MOOCs;
  • Allow MOOCs-offering institutions to promote their courses to reach out to more learners, showcase their MOOCs in an international platform to the global world on the mutually beneficial terms;
  • Advance and promote openness and innovations in education;
  • Encourage, support and assist AAOU members to offer MOOCs; and
  • Promote open education through MOOCs.

Open Course

Courses offered in Asian MOOCs are open to public without any restriction. You may register the course at no cost however some offering institutions may charge a nominal cost for taking examination.

Digital Badge/Certificate

Upon completion of the course learner may be eligible for digital badge/certificate granted by offering institution. Criteria and requirement for eligibility of digital badge/certificate is stipulated by offering institution.

Course Recognition and Accreditation

The Asian MOOCs is currently developing Quality Assurance Framework of course offered in Asian MOOCs. This may take a while to establish QA Standard on the Asian MOOCs to enable credit recognition among Asian MOOCs partners. At a moment courses offered in Asian MOOCs are recognized and accredited solely by offering institution. There is no obligation of Asian MOOCs Partner to recognize course offered by other institution.